Water is essential for life

We need water for everything from personal use, to growing food, product development, etc. It is impossible to imagine our lives without an adequate water supply. However, water is not only a life-preserver - it can also harm life by spreading water-borne infectious diseases. Water treatment - whether it is for drinking water, processed water, or wastewater - should therefore be handled with care, precision and state-of-the-art solutions. Enaqua’s proven technologies are changing the face of the water safety industry from an operational, maintenance, and cost standpoint.

We have gathered a selection of stories that showcase how we at Enaqua meet your specific application needs within the categories of wastewater, drinking water, water reuse, and industrial water applications.

Waste water

Applications for waste water

The right choice of technology is essential in the design process of a wastewater treatment plant. Enaqua's systems provide reliable and consistent treatment solutions that meet and exceed the stringent requirements for water discharge.

Water reuse

Applications for water reuse

The reuse of wastewater allows communities to ease and reduce the amount of water discharged. Enaqua is your partner in designing systems that enables you to redeploy your waters.

Industrial water

Applications for industrial water

Properly treating industrial water and wastewater, is not only a cost saving expertise, but also enhances safety and reduces risk of contaminated discharge. Enaqua has supplied sustainable solutions for industries such as mining, food & beverage, textile, aquaculture, and agriculture.