Applications for Water Reuse

Wastewater Reuse – a vital source for water.

Demand for wastewater treatment is increasing severely in the years to come. The challenge is not simply to channel the water back into the waterways once it has been treated, but to process it, so that it can be reused for other applications. As a technology trendsetter in today’s Ultraviolet (UV) Disinfection and membrane filtration, Enaqua understands the needs associated with water reuse. We are ready to assist you with a solution that meets your exact needs.

  • The growing trend of wastewater reuse is driven by population growth, economic expansion, rising rates of tourism, and increased agricultural activities. The impact of global climate change on water supplies and shortages intensifies the need for new water sources.
  • Municipal wastewater can be reused by industry or for indirect potable applications when treated to a high standard of quality.
  • Certain regions in North America are experiencing water scarcity. Especially the southern and western states of the U.S. experience decreasing groundwater levels resulting in land subsidence and saltwater intrusion.
  • To meet the growing water demands the reuse of wastewater is becoming accepted as an ecological and economic necessity.
Water Trouble

Trouble Free UV Disinfection of Lagoon Water for Irrigation

7 years without cleaning.

Cortland, IL

Buckhannon, West Virginia

Enaqua replaces one of its longest running non-contact UV systems

After more than 32 good years, the Buckhannon plant is ready for a new disinfection system.

Buckhannon, West Virginia



For water reuse, consistent results keep city happy with UV solution

Wastewater disinfection for reuse

Payson, AZ