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Posted September 2019

Enaqua non-contact UV installation at St. George Water Reclamation Facility

The system is expected to be up and running by October 2019

The St. George Water Reclamation Facility (SGWRF) in St. George, UT was an early adopter of UV disinfection technology and operates UV systems with two different (independent) UV configurations: a traditional low-pressure horizontal UV system, and a medium-pressure UV system. The existing UV systems have been in operation for approximately 15-20 years.

Due to age, serviceability and availability of parts for the existing UV systems, the city of St. George planned on replacing them as part of planned upgrades to their facility.

Familiar with operating traditional Quartz-based UV systems, operations personnel at SGWRF were very interested in Enaqua’s non-contact UV systems, and the advantages associated with the technology; namely energy efficiency, dry UV lamps, significantly lower operating and maintenance costs and improved fouling resistance of the AFP tubes.

The city requested an on-site pilot demonstration to properly evaluate the disinfection performance, anti-fouling, anti-scaling performance, and ease of maintenance of Enaqua’s non-contact UV systems.

Enaqua provided a self-contained UV reactor in an enclosed pilot trailer and a technical protocol for the pilot testing. Using the protocol, SGWRF staff performed a three-month pilot study from August to October 2015. The pilot study was done in summer because the existing UV systems SGWRF experience biofouling from algae and Bryozoa during summer months.

The independent pilot testing at SGWRF succeeded in meeting and exceeding all of the objectives of the pilot study, while showing no fouling of the AFP tubes from algae or Bryozoa. The successful pilot testing assured SGWRF staff that Enaqua’s non-contact UV system would be an excellent candidate to replace their existing UV systems.

During the design evaluation phase, engineers (BOWEN COLLINS & ASSOCIATES, INC.) and SGWRF staff evaluated multiple competing UV systems on the market. The evaluation included technical comparison, financial comparison, operations and maintenance of the UV systems and also site visits to UV installations for the competing systems.

The result of the technical evaluation favored Enaqua’s non-contact UV system, which impressed operators with its simplicity and ease of maintenance.

After a 2-year process of detailed technical design and engineering the project was bid and Alder Construction Company selected as the preferred bidder in Q1, 2018.

The non-contact UV system designed for SGWRF has three (3) UV Channels, each equipped with a Model D9i.10103 UV reactor. The peak disinfection capacity of the UV system is 50.0 MGD, with 50.0% redundancy per UV Channel. A supervisory PLC is provided to optimise disinfection performance and energy usage in the UV system by utilising (1) flow pacing, and (2) level pacing (dose pacing) based on flow through the UV system and UV transmittance (%) of the effluent.

St-George Enaqua UV
St George WRF Enaqua UV

Posted: March 2019

Enaqua hosts successful REP event

Enaqua hosted its fourth REP event from March 3-5, 2019.
Once a year, Enaqua invites all its Sales Representatives to the Enaqua facilities in Vista, CA. At this year’s REP event, we focused on market intelligence, sales strategies, competitor information, technical education, and service-related training. This year, two of Enaqua’s new REP firms made their REP event debuts: Muniquip, LLC based in California and Nevada, and Treatment Equipment Co. based in Washington, Oregon, and Northern Idaho. Each company was represented by four sales representatives, all of whom spoke very highly of the REP Event and were thankful for the educational presentations.

The sessions were divided into business and technical sections.
The business section focused on Enaqua’s results in 2018 as well as its forecast for 2019 and goals for 2020. It also shared information on the strengths and weaknesses of Enaqua’s main competitors.
The technical section, on the other hand, introduced basic UV disinfection theory and design, before moving onto a more advanced level, focusing on hydraulics and much more.

At the end, we held Q&A sessions. Guests were positive in their feedback, commenting that the content and substance of the activities and presentations was very good. After the session, Enaqua invited its guests to dinner at Pacific Cost Grill in Cardiff, California. During the cock-tail reception and dinner, guests were able to enjoy the sunset by the oceanfront patio – a beautiful sign-off to an educational and entertaining couple of days. Additionally, REP’s were given a factory tour of Enaqua’s offices and production facility, as well as a hands-on session with Enaqua’s non-contact UV reactors. REP’s were also fortunate enough to get a glimpse at finished UV reactors, some of which they have ordered for their clients.  

Posted: March 2019

Enaqua at the 2019 IUVA World Congress

Every year, the IUVA – International Ultraviolet Association – organises a World Congress to discuss the latest developments and achievements within the world of UV applications.The conference programme features three days of presentations covering recent advancement in water and wastewater treatment, focusing heav-ily on water disinfection and contaminant control, the application of UV-AOP, as well as new findings within UV-LED development.
Enaqua participated in the 2019 edition of IUVA, where we presented a technical speech on:
Non-Contact UV Validation NWRI 2012 and the challenges

IUVA 2019 was visited by guests from all over the world, including many North American engineering companies who also gave presentations.  Enaque enjoyed interacting with engineers and municipalities at IUVA 2019 and welcome the new inquiries and opportunities for collaboration.
Read more about the conference.

Posted: March 2018

Enaqua Non-Contact UV systems approved for the production of Title 22 recycled water

Enaqua is proud and excited to announce that it's Non-Contact UV Reactor has received conditional acceptance from California Water Resources Control Board's (CWRCB), Division of Drinking Water (DDW)- Recycled Water Committee (RWC).

Enaqua is the market leader in Non-Contact UV technology, a technology that utilizes proprietary Activated Fluoropolymer (AFP) Tubes in a reactor in such a manner that the UV lamps are never in contact with the liquid being disinfected, a key differentiator in the market from traditional UV disinfection systems.

Enaqua if the first company to successfully validate non-contact UV reactors per National Water Research Institute (NWRI 2012) guidelines, the validation process was very rigorous and stared with a revision to the NWRI 2012 protocol to suit a non-contact UV reactor. The revised proposal was submitted to DDW-RWC for approval prior to actual validation testing.

The validation testing protocol, testing, analysis was performed by an independent third party (CAROLLO ENGINEERS), and the validation report is the basis of the conditional approval by CWRCB.

Enaqua is the only Non-Contact UV system to obtain acceptance from DDW RWC by meting the rigorous F-specific bacteriophage (MS2) and polio virus inactivation outlined in Title 22 California Code of Regulations, California Department of Public Health’s Recycled Water Regulations.

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